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GolfBets Updates

Current customers can obtain the latest release for a small update charge from the GolfBets order page.

GolfBets tie handling was significantly changed in early 2002. Earlier versions allowed up to 10 ties each for win, place, and show. The new version limits payoffs up to 3 player/teams with up to 10 total player/teams once the winner entry for a given level is started. Version 6.01 released in January, 2006 includes more extensive data entry editing and file error checking and fixes the "corrupt file error message problem".

You may need to obtain an update if you are experiencing problems although you may want contact us first by email at

If you have lost your program registration number, you will need to download the free trial program and purchase an update to receive a new registration number after validation in our customer database.

The following is a list of all changes to GolfBets since 2008. The list may help you decide if you need to update your software. Any version prior to 2008 should be updated.

Date of Change



2/24/08 Fixed Init file corruption when using Directory change function 8.02
12/31/08 Updated to 2009 version 9.01
12/31/09 Updated to 2010 version 10.01
3/28/10 Added comments on the setup screen regarding GolfBets import and export usage included thumb drive as a transfer vehicle 10.02
6/12/10 Dropped the Change Player/Team file function risk of losing a bet file 10.03
7/24/10 Added ability to suppress all printing - solves error when printer not attached in Windows 7 - missing printer causes program to hang up after bet entry 10.04
8/1/10 Fixed error in payoff logic not subtracting winning bets from pool total to figure profit 10.05
8/19/10 Missing player list at Place a Bet cleared badrec indicator at form load 10.06
8/22/10 Overflow error when no show bets check for zero bet amounts in win, place, show 10.07
1/8/11 Updated for 2011 11.01
1/18/11 Can't access GolfBets tutorials Click on the following links to access the GolfBets tutorials

2/7/11 Additional code to ensure printer bypass 11.02
2/7/11 Winner print list where bettor name not correct if a bettor had been deleted added comments to point out place where printing is available fixed rounding error on .25 and .50 subs increased field size from 4 to 6 to handle larger numbers in All Odds Bet Summary 11.03

Updated to 2012 version

6/1/12 Using PDW in VB 6 to create CAB removed F1 help buttons - added on screen help to replace F1 help 12,02

Fixed bet list on "all bets" selection one player shown vs all players in the flight

Removed place and show odds on the scroll - not possible to show a single odds number for place and show odds

11/19/12 Fixed odds print on Bet Summary screen missing tens position 12.04
1/1/13 Updated for 2013 13.01
3/30/13 Problem picking up wrong player/team in bet list when a player/team had been deleted 13.03
04/26/13 Missing bettor name on bet summary bets by bettor print all bets 13.05
04/28/13 Bet amount is 0 13.06
6/28/13 Increased column length in Bet Summary to prevent scrolling 13.07
7/16/13 Fixed player/team defaulting to CH flight 13.08
7/19/13 Cleared bet amount on bet sheet 13/09
7/27/13 Allow flight selection on print bet sheet 13.10
 3/5/14 Increase team name field size on printed bet sheet 14.01




Updated for 2015

Fixed Path not Found error on Go To Menu - updated for 2016

Updated for 2017

Updated for 2018

15.01 - 15.05