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GolfBets is the ultimate in golf tournament pari-mutuel betting software available today. GolfBets has evolved from our foundation product, HORSERACE, which was adapted to meet the unique needs of golf tournament betting in a club environment. GolfBets is not an online gambling program.

GolfBets is easy to use

click below to see a quick demonstration

One Minute Demo

Most Windows operating systems support including Windows 7, 8 and 10

For sales support questions call us toll free at


GolfBets Can

  • Track win, place, show, and across the board bets for individual bettors for up to four rounds with up to fifteen flights per round (60 individual betting pools total)
  • Display a bet summary with odds to win, place, and show
  • Quickly calculate payoffs for each winning bettor

GolfBets Features

  • Highly intuitive design with all information needed to operate on each screen.  Many compliments from customers on ease of use.  customer testimonials
  • Quick and easy bet entry
    •  Can also use optional printed bet sheet for speedy bet input
  • Scrolling player/teams with odds on the bet screen - ideal for overhead display
  • Printed individual bet summaries (optional) after each bet
  • Can use Dymo Labelwriter and other similar receipt printers
  • House percentage with-holding - ideal for fundraising events - odds reduced by with-holding amount
  • Bet tracking accuracy and integrity-all records written to disk after any update
  • Customize with your own club, tournament, and flight names
  • Scratch a player/team  or a bettor and refund any bets
  • Cancel and refund a bet
  • Allows entry of up to 10 winners (ties) for first, second, and third place
  • Summary display/print of all bets and odds on this event including win, place, and show odds
  • Support of up to 1000 players/teams and bettors and up to 5000 bets per betting pool
  • Anonymous bettor support - can also bet by member number

GolfBets Support

  • Extensive on screen documentation
  • Email support for questions or problems

GolfBets System Requirements

  • Any system with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and at least 16MB RAM and 6MB of available hard drive storage
  • MAC version is not available

GolfBets Cost

  • $119.95 for internet download
  • $131.95 for CD by mail
  • $44.00 upgrade to the current version via internet - prior customers only
  • $56.00 upgrade for CD by mail - prior customers only

GolfBets Guarantee

  • Return for complete refund within 30 days of purchase if not completely satisfied

Screen Previews - Click below to view sample GolfBets screens

Bet Entry

Bet Summary with Odds

Bet Payoff 

Can’t decide? Need more information?

For sales support questions call 1-866-846-2079 toll free or
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