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GolfBets Frequently asked questions

Q: I am getting a  Path not found error message when I click on Goto Menu

A: Delete the Init file in C:\Golfbets folder

Q: Can.t access GolfBets tutorial from the setup screen

A: Click on the following link to access GolfBets tutorial 1     GolfBets Setup tutorial 1

    Click on the following link to access GolfBets tutorial 2      GolfBets Setup tutorial 2

Q:Can't access GolfBets demo

A:Requires Internet Explorer 8 and above and Adobe Flash Player

Q:Lost registration number.

A:Download and install the current free trial version and purchase an update from the order page to receive a new registration number.

Q:Program screen won't fit on the display.

A:Change your display resolution as follows

Click Control Program

Click Display

Click Settings tab

Move the slide bar to 1024 x 768

Q: I have not received a program registration number after placing an order

A: Registration numbers are usually provided within 5 minutes after ordering. Please send us an email if you did not receive a registration number.

Q: What is the difference between the trial and full program versions

A: The trial version only allows up to four bettors. Otherwise it has the same functions as the full version. Full version function is unlocked in a trial version by placing an order and entering a program registration number sent by email after the order is processed.

Q: What do I need to do to use my DYMO receipt printer?

A: You will need GolfBets Version 6.0 or later released in January, 2006. Click the Order button to purchase an upgrade.

At Control Panel, Printers select your DYMO printer and make it the default printer by clicking File, Open, Make Default. Right click on the DYMO printer and click Properties, Print Preferences, Advanced, Paper Size, Continuous Wide, OK

Q: How can I export files to a CD or thumb drive?

A: Use Windows Explorer to find the following files in "C:Program Files\GolfBets"

Bettors, Players, Roundx yBets where x is the Round number and y is the flight number

Right click on each file, select Send To, and select your writable CD or thumb drive

The Windows CD writing wizard will write the files to a CD